I’m sick of saying it. Tired of hearing it.


A potent word, meaning never before. (Never.)

Yet it has failed. Rendered weak

And unable to pierce the walls of denial

As high as the towers of pyrocumulus smoke

Tearing across the Tasman.

Walls that turn day to night,

Obscuring the truth people refuse to see, cannot face, even now.

That life on Earth is collapsing,

Being devoured by the invisible monster of our own making.

We flush our human arrogance into the atmosphere that shields us,

Loves us,

Gives us breath.

And it rains down upon us

As Fire.

And we will perish,

Like the animals and plants before us.


Credit: Thu, Thousandfold Photography

One thought on “Unprecedented

  1. A beautiful and passionate witnessing of nature’s struggle against anthropogenic climate change.


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